“MobiDram” and “My VivaCell-MTS” applications: convenient, easy to use, and time saving mobile tools

VivaCell-MTS comes up with next innovation, in the sphere of the mobile applications, the fully refurnished “My VivaCell-MTS”, as well as the completely upgraded “MobiDram” applications intended for the management of mobile services and payments.

The applications help customers to greatly save both time and resources, have simple yet convenient interface, are available 24/7, and perform the tasks in just few clicks sparing customer’s time and helping to avoid the need to need a service center.

“My VivaCell-MTS” application is a tool intended to control services and account over a smartphone; besides, it is a useful platform to learn about the offers by VivaCell-MTS. The application helps in managing a number of services, including:

- Control account balance;

- Switch to tariff;

- Activate/deactivate services;

- Control Internet, airtime, and SMS packages;

- Check the nearest service centers;

- Exchange bonus points to gifts.

For a lot of MobiDram clients, the application has become irreplaceable from their daily life, delivering the services listed below:

- Microloans;

- Utility services;

- Loan payments to banks and credit organizations;

- Transfer from one MobiDram account to another;

- Transfer to a bank accounts;

- Cash out;

- Payment of local taxes and fees for parking;

- Cash in;

- Social network payments;

- Payments to international mobile operators;

- E-wallet services;

- Debt repayments.

“MobiDram” is a dynamically developing project to meet the growing demand on the part of its customers.

Payment for mobile communication services included in “My VivaCell-MTS” self-service application is made by various means including the “MobiDram”. By entering the application, the subscriber gets an opportunity to make the payment through “MobiDram” e-wallet, or directly from the bank card, preliminary attached to the application.  The registration is performed instantaneously. To mention, the number of cards for attachment is not limited.    

“VivaCell-MTS is working toward offering mobile applications that meet not only the communication needs of a vast army of its subscribers but also provide them with instruments for performing activities in the sphere of financial operations and payments. With the two applications, a whole range of services is made in the palm of subscriber’s hand, instantly. “Managing all services from smartphone” – we understand that time is of precious value to our client. By providing the applications we give our client much more free time for leisure and business. Trust us and get free time and convenience, in exchange. We are here to help you and save your time”, VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian commented.

“My VivaCell-MTS” and “MobiDram” applications are available in Play Store and App Store. “MobiDram” is available to anyone with a mobile phone.