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Idplus loyalty platform as a DigiTec participant

DigiTec expo will be held on March 10-12 at the Sports and Concert Complex after Karen Demirchyan. During these 3 days, the companies will present new opportunities and solutions for both individuals and businesses.

Everyone gets pluses – this slogan is already familiar to many. The idplus digital loyalty platform offers its users bonuses, cashbacks, gift cards, and provides businesses with an affordable and convenient loyalty system.

According to Arevik Ananyan, Director of Business Development of idplus, the benefits of the idplus digital loyalty platform for business are obvious: “If you have been thinking about thanking your customers for a long time, then idplus is what you are looking for. You get a really convenient loyalty tool without investments, with which you can develop and manage all kinds of promotions for your customers, bonuses for purchases from you, up to the choice of day, time, type of product, bonus amount by product type, etc. In this way, you will attract additional customers, increase their loyalty and satisfaction, and also offer other convenient services, for example, in the form of digital gift cards.”

Idplus is also user friendly. The digital loyalty platform offers:

  • Bonuses or instant cashback when paying for Idram QR at more than 1100 points of sale, the number of which is growing rapidly,
  • Digital gift cards without a store visit,
  • Selling accumulated bonuses or buying bonuses from other users on an online auction directly through the idplus application,
  • Combo payment at points of sale, ie. the ability to pay immediately from the accumulated bonuses, Idram account and gift card.

Check out all the benefits of idplus here.