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Idplus։ Fuel cards are in plus

 We said, didn’t we, that your purchases with Idplus are profitable? Now this claim is also about refueling. Yes, yes, everything is correct. At Idplus, you can already buy and use fuel cards with friends or family members and save money.

So, the possibility of buying Ran Oil fuel cards is already available in Idplus. By purchasing fuel cards, you can save 10-20 drams per liter, which is a round sum per month. To purchase a fuel card, you need to enter the Idplus application, then click the “Buy a fuel card” button on the main page or in the catalog, where three types of fuel will be displayed: regular, premium and diesel. After selecting the required type of fuel on the immediately opened new page, you can familiarize yourself with the price list. It is possible to choose a fuel card from 20 to 120 liters (and save AMD 10), or more than 120 liters (and save AMD 20), and you will immediately see in the price list how much you will save by purchasing a fuel card through Idplus. After choosing the appropriate option, all you have to do is click “Buy card” and that’s it. Now you have a fuel card, with which you can make a payment at any point of Ran Oil, where it is convenient for you.

By the way, it is possible to share fuel cards purchased at Idplus with friends. You can share by transferring the card in full or specify how much of your card they can use. This also allows you to plan your monthly expenses in an even more convenient and simple way, knowing exactly how much money you spent on refueling your or your family’s cars.

Of course, buying a fuel card at Idplus has two more important advantages: first, you don’t need to go anywhere to buy a fuel coupon, and secondly, it is simply not possible to physically lose the online coupon, the fuel card will always remain in your Idplus.

Join Idplus today and enjoy the most convenient and profitable loyalty platform right now.