How to Celebrate Love Days? A Piece of Advice from Idram and IDBank

A few days are left for the February love days. Regardless of which team you are in – celebrating Terendez or Valentine’s Day, you still need to plan in advance where you are going to celebrate. You may already be bored of celebrating by simply eating out or having fancy drinks in classic cafes and restaurants. That’s why Idram and IDBank have gathered the most unique ideas to make your 2024 love days unforgettable. Let’s go.

No matter how long you have been together, the place of your first date and confession of love always evokes pleasant memories. You can go back to that place, and it will be great if it is possible to organize a special dinner there. Maybe it was an urban park or an urban landmark. If the area is not suitable for organizing a dinner or a romantic evening, then you can just take a walk around the area, remembering the day precious to both of you.

Visiting spa procedures for couples is often underestimated. How about fully enjoying a therapeutic or a relaxing massage for two or visiting a water treatment? Quality time is guaranteed!

If you both like active recreation, then now  is the best time to enjoy winter sports, combining entertainment and a healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s skiing, snowboarding or figure skating, you’ll have a wonderful time in the winter fairytale, and hot chocolate is always there to warm you up and restore your strength. This way you will definitely never forget the Terendez or Valentine’s Day!

Game zones and playgrounds with countless attractions and gaming devices will also be a wonderful option for active entertainment. Who said games have an age limit? Love days are the best moment to get away from everyday worries and get into the game, so don’t delay, plan your day in advance.

However, if you don’t want to leave the comfort zone at all, we remind you that no one canceled the idea of celebrating the day at home. You can just order your favorite dishes and desserts, your preferred drinks and enjoy an intimate evening.

If budget planning is not about you, and you still don’t want to miss the love days, then, as always, Rocket Line is there for you so you can pay anywhere where there is an opportunity to pay with Idram. In addition to all this, you can pay with Rocket Line 0% at more than 8000 points of sale, using a number of services, shops, food outlets and not only, paying the amount later without interest.

We gave you the ideas, we reminded you about Rocket Line, all that remains is to wish you a good time… And remember that the best holidays are the days when you are together, regardless of where you are and how much money you spend!