Preparing for Budapest: CaseKey collective team meets Byblos Bank Armenia CEO

On February 22, Byblos Bank Armenia CEO Hayk Stepanyan met with the four participants of the CaseKey competition who will travel to Budapest in spring to take part in the international business case competition of Corvinus University.

The Bank will sponsor the participation of the collective team of the CaseKey Business Case Competition 2023 in Budapest’s CUBE 2024.

The Bank CEO inquired about the readiness of the team and was reassured when the young people shared their enthusiasm and their expectations. The team displayed a great sense of responsibility and said would do everything to achieve good results.

In turn, Hayk Stepanyan, answered all their questions, and wished them success.

“I am confident that the team is well prepared for the competition. It is also an opportunity for an exchange of experience, for getting to know how their peers from other countries think, the solutions they offer, as well as for learning what business models European companies employ,” said Hayk Stepanyan.

CaseKey co-founder Arshak Karapetyan said he was excited about the partnership with Byblos Bank Armenia, which facilitates the international team’s participation in CUBE 2024.

“This collaboration underscores Byblos Bank Armenia’s commitment to fostering talent and innovation within Armenia’s educational sector. I also thank CEO Hayk Stepanyan for his personal investment in our students’ growth, exemplifying true leadership. This opportunity advances our students’ skills and contributes to the internationalization of Armenia’s educational landscape. Wishing our team the best of luck as they embark on this enriching journey,” said Arshak Karapetyan.

At the end of the meeting, each participant received a copy of American business consultant Clayton M. Christensen’s bestseller, “The Innovator’s Dilemma”, the Armenian translation and publication of which was sponsored by Byblos Bank Armenia as part of the Bank’s commitment to support educational projects.

To remind, the CaseKey competition is a unique format, whose title sponsor in 2023 was Byblos Bank Armenia. More than 200 smart young people participated in CaseKey 2023, getting to know companies’ business, their culture, and solving actual business problems.

Prioritizing meaningful social impact, Byblos Bank Armenia continues to invest in causes that foster healthy, thriving communities by implementing diverse CSR programs and educational projects.