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A Millionaire Wanted: New Draw from Idram

Idram has a big draw again, and the gifts are again huge and desirable.

On February 27th, the regular Idram draw was launched, and 10 pieces of 1 million drams will be drawn for the lucky winners.

Now you will ask, what is needed to participate in the draw? From February 27th to May 27th, 2024 inclusively, simply make QR-payments with Idram, activate your coupons by June 13th and wait for the draw to be summed up on June 15th at 2:00 PM either on Idram’s Facebook page or YouTube channel.

Everyone can take part: coupons are generated when making a payment in the amount of AMD 1000 or more. Of course, as always, two more coupons are generated for payments made with Rocket Line, that is, with Rocket Line you triple your chance of winning.

You can learn more about the rules of participation by following the link.