Viva-MTS. New technologies at the core of rural infrastructure development

The availability of cost-effective infrastructures is an important support for communities. In order to make it available, Viva-MTS and the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) have been consistently working in different marzes of Armenia for many years. In the village of Salli, Vayots Dzor, people felt the effectiveness of the street lighting system with LED lights in 2019, when 40 lights were installed, illuminating 1500 meters of road.

The second phase of the project was launched in autumn 2023. 24 more traffic lights were installed, illuminating 800 meters of road. In total, as a result of two phases, 64 LED lights were installed in Salli, and 2300 meters of road were illuminated. The system control panel has also been updated. In addition to the autonomous switching system activated when it gets dark, the new panel allows for remote activation of the lights through a GSM connection, using a mobile phone.

It was necessary to light Salli completely. The arrivals of bears in Vayots Dzor have become so common that it is no longer a surprise. Villagers now make jokes about welcoming bears on well-lit streets. Now being outside in evenings is safer.

“In recent years, wild animals, especially bears, have been causing great harm to the villagers by damaging trees and gardens. Now people walk safely without fear; the sight around is visible. The system has other positive aspects. During the Soviet system, we had lighting, but the consumed electricity by each lamp was equal to the electricity consumed by four or five households. And if we put these LED lamps together, they probably won’t consume as much electricity as one of the previous ones. The money saved from saving electricity is used to solve other problems in the village,” said Martin Sargsyan, the administrative head of Salli village.

The project implemented in partnership between Viva-MTS and the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) has long-term and targeted outcomes. Using new technologies, LED lighting systems are energy-saving and more environmentally friendly. They allow for an 80% reduction in electricity consumption while providing higher brightness.