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General Director of Ucom gave a lecture at the French University in Armenia

The General Director of  Ucom Ralph Yirikian delivered a lecture at the French University of Armenia.

During the lecture titled “The Role of Effective Management: How to Instill Hope in Your Employees and Unite them Around a Common Goal and Strategy,” Mr. Yirikian discussed crucial leadership skills and the main components of effective leadership.

The lecture was organized under a memorandum of cooperation between the Galaxy group of companies and the French University. As part of this collaboration, managers from the Galaxy group of companies regularly deliver lectures and conduct master classes for French University students. Additionally, university students undertake internships in various companies within the group, including Ucom.

“To be a good manager, you need experience; it’s impossible to become one without it. A good manager should promote efficient work processes and lead by example. Continuous learning and development, both personally and for employees, are essential, as employees are the main assets of any company. Furthermore, when a company succeeds, it’s important to remember to serve your country and society,” said Ralph Yirikian, General Director of Ucom.

“Formal education is crucial in preparing future managers, but informal learning through practical experience exchanges from the professional field is equally vital. Ucom General Director Ralph Yirikian, constantly immersed in the realities of the field, shared his team management methods with students: how to successfully implement corporate strategy, involve diverse teams in the process, and transform the company into a platform for shared accomplishments,” said Salwa Nacouzi, Rector of the French University in Armenia.

Following the lecture, Mr. Yirikian addressed numerous questions from the students and offered valuable advice for the future.