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Ucom and PicsArt: Strong Need for Artificial Intelligence Development in Armenia

On June 9-10, during the 10th jubilee “DigiTech” Business Forum, Armenian Ucom and PicsArt companies initiated a round table entitled “The Development of Artificial Intelligence in Armenia and the Use Thereof in Business”. During the discussion the participants spoke of the top trending topic worldwide, stating that the development of artificial intelligence in Armenia is still in its embryonic stage. Ideas were expressed that along with machine learning, provided by higher education institutions preparing specialists of the sector, it is also necessary to invite professionals, who are capable of not only providing theoretical knowledge, but also boosting the development of practical skills among students.

“PicsArt together with Ucom shared its experience. PicsArt has acquired great experience in the artificial intelligence field and machine learning. Within the framework of this meeting we’ve discussed the ways of developing Armenia and making it competitive in this area, the staffing, the delivery of trainings and educational events”, – noted Michael Vardanyan, the Technical and General Director at PicsArt Armenian headquarters. 

Presently this education gap is filled by each company individually. Ucom and PicsArt together have initiated courses with total duration of 5 months. Thirty participants selected from 600 applicants are mainly winners of international Olympiads, doctors of science, who happened to be taught by specialists having studied abroad. Among such specialists are alumni of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), those having worked at Google, engineers working at leading IT companies in Russia, etc. Three months are left for completion of the mentioned intensive courses.

“Still many years ago we understood that for advancement of modern technologies and development of innovative products, we need to have specialists, who still in their school years have been taught to think and analyze, develop and create and not just consume. Having this in mind, we greatly support the education process of students in “Armath” engineering laboratories starting from 5th grade. It’s the children with engineering mindset, who will be capable of understanding the challenges of digital era, and as a result of persistent learning will become specialists that Armenian companies like Ucom and PicsArt are strongly in need of these days,” – said Hayk Yesayan, Director General at Ucom.

At the end of discussion, the participants were still exchanging ideas about potential business projects aimed at developing the sector.