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VoLTE Call is Now Possible in Ucom’s 4G+ Network for iPhone Users

As from today, Ucom mobile subscribers, who have the latest update of iOS 13 on their iPhones, can call on the 4G+ (LTE Advanced) network using VoLTE technology. Ucom has launched the VoLTE (Voice over LTE) technology for its mobile subscribers on its network since 2017. However, the mobile phone manufacturers have not yet been ready to introduce VoLTE supported smartphones to the Armenian market. Establishing connection between VoLTE supported phones requires less than 2 seconds, while on the 3G network it takes 6-10 seconds.  

“Ucom technical staff has been working consistently for months with a number of smartphone manufacturers, including Apple, to ensure that Ucom mobile subscribers finally have phones that are compatible with VoLTE technology on the Ucom network. We are glad that those who prefer iPhone already have this opportunity, and we will continue negotiations with other smartphone manufacturers in this direction,” said Hayk Yesayan, Co-Founder and Director General at Ucom.

It should be noted that the LTE network of Ucom covers more than 880 settlements of Armenia. The software of base stations and the latest update of the operating system of mobile phones will allow Ucom subscribers to make full use of the VoLTE technology and enjoy the new generation multimedia services. During a VoLTE call, the phone will continue to ensure high-level transmission of data over the LTE network. One of the important features of VoLTE technology is not only the connection speed, but also the significant high sound quality.

It should be added that in order to use the service, users must first activate the VoLTE service in the settings of their iPhones running iOS 13 by going to Settings – > Cellular – > Cellular Data Options – > Voice & Data and selecting 4G, VoLTE On. By the way, on some models the specified option can be found in Settings – > Cellular – > Cellular Plans – > [select card] -> Voice & Data. Once this has been done, users need to dial *436#, press Call button and follow the instructions. VoLTE will be enabled after the activation and deactivation of an Airplane mode.