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ARARAT Armenian Brandy presents Contemporary Shape of the Legendary Taste

Following the rich heritage, ARARAT opens yet another volume in the century old history and presents new bottles and packaging of the Legendary Brandy.

New Range of ARARAT is a global and the brightest visual activation of the brand over the last 10 years. New chapter, which takes the brand to the new dimension in its international positioning, aimed at achieving the status of Global Brandy in the “Premium +” category and involving new consumers.

Behind this evolutionary for the brand event there is a fundamental research of new trends on the international market, consumer insights, and, most importantly, moments of consumption. The impressive result of several years’ work became possible thanks to the international team of specialists, whose task was to strengthen the place of ARARAT on the traditional markets as well as to conquer stable positions in relatively new markets such as USA and China.

Cherishing its authenticity of the century refined blends as well as masterly transforming unique traditions into universal values in its innovative products, ARARAT legendary brandy appeals to the quintessential elements of the brand – underlines the biblical mountain and ARARAT logotype, which is an artistic combination of Phoenix and Latin “A”.

Putting the authenticity in the brand-new light, new packaging makes the brand far more interesting and attractive for both classic appreciators of ARARAT and new consumers who are ready to reveal the modern facets of genuine mastery, generous nature and cherished traditions.

By this initiative ARARAT foresees the international trends of the category and, by keeping the brand’s DNA, goes for the audacious solutions, which contribute to the better navigation of the consumers. Particularly, new range depicts more clearly the age of the ARARAT brandies. Moreover, following its S&R principles of Pernod Ricard, ARARAT new range applies several eco-friendly solutions – from reduction of glass volumes to the quality of labels’ print.

Authenticity and Innovation of ARARAT range

Since 1887 the production of ARARAT begins with the carefully selected grape taken from the sun hosted Ararat valley and goes through the masters’ craftsmanship and passion, which crowns every single stage of ARARAT’s creation. This magic world of ARARAT finds its reflection in the bright set of visual and tactile experience.

Thus, the bottom parts of ARARAT 3* and ARARAT 5* bottles are inlayed with Ararat mountain. This admirable symbol of revival and new life also holds the focal point on almost all the labels. The values and the history of ARARAT are also communicated in the ornamental decorations of the bottles. For example, the bottom part of ARARAT premium brandies is decorated with engraved glass arches, which symbolize the rarest spirits kept in the treasury of Yerevan Brandy Company. The mastery of combination of those spirits creates the art of ARARAT harmony. Meanwhile, the bottles of ARARAT super-premium are made in a form of carafes, framed with salient decorations which are crowned in hexagon in the bottom.

The uniqueness of the range is also provided by non-traditional color contrast – combination of classic color palette with the white section of the labels.

All the samples of the New range are also decorated with the distinctive hallmark of this legendary Armenian brandy – the brand symbol of ARARAT – Phoenix, a bird which is a sign of eternal rebirth both in worlds and Armenian cultural heritage. A sign of rebirth despite the hardest historical circumstances.

The changes made in the packaging will also please the connoisseurs of ARARAT’s premium segment, because here there will be a new blend – Ani 7 years aged. It is worth mentioning that ARARAT Otborny will soon find its deserved place in the Vintage range of ARARAT.

The packaging of the ARARAT ultra-premium range remains unchanged.

“The redesign of ARARAT range has been preceded with the meticulous cross-functional and cross-cultural work. The last strokes of the project have been done in the hardest times of pandemic, and yet thanks to the indescribable professionalism of YBC team we finalized the project without any delays.

It was extremely important to keep the historical roots and break new ground. I am more than sure, that we will strengthen our positions on the international market with each new initiative. Taking new markets for ARARAT means meetings with millions of consumers, satisfying their preferences and foreseeing their desires and needs by offering new solutions”, says Ani Beriashvili, Managing Director of Yerevan Brandy Company.

“Three years ago, we took on the challenge of redesigning the entire ARARAT range in order to give it an international scope and position ourselves firmly in the premium brandy category. This new range allows us today to strengthen our differentiation in the stores and reinforce our premiumization in a brandy category that continues to grow. We have worked closely internally and with our agency, but also with our consumers to remain in the continuity of the brand’s values, retain its Armenian roots, and bring more modernity and clarity in terms of navigation from one brandy to another within the range.

Today, we have an elegant, modern and authentic offer for our loyal customers, but also to recruit new consumers who expect authentic products, with a history and centuries-old roots”, underlines Karine Madelrieu, Marketing Director Pernod Ricard Eastern Europe.

“It has been more than 10 years of cooperation with ARARAT. It is a great honor and deep responsibility, as ARARAT is the brand with rich historic legacy, exceptional importance for Armenia, high awareness in Russia and different activations worldwide. The international team of MEDIACRAT headed by creative director Igor Borisenko was working on the project. We have been challenged by a difficult and yet very interesting task – to provide strategic redesign by keeping and even strengthening the brand’s DNA. The solutions that we had to offer should be timely not only for today, but also for future and to help the brand to keep and strengthen its leading positions. Moreover, the solutions had to be fair and harmonious with Armenian roots of ARARAT and become a part of international trend at the same time. Keeping connection with the ARARAT connoisseurs in different countries and cultures was also ultimately important.  But as it usually goes, the solution was lying on the surface. It was the legend of Phoenix, which is the brand symbol of ARARAT. This mythical bird is endlessly changing and reviving, which opens new perspectives and reveals new worlds. We are sure that such perspectives will be opened for ARARAT now, especially when such professional teams in Moscow, Paris and other cities of the world are working on the brand. We appreciate this experience of collaboration with ARARAT, and we are very inspired with the result,” comments Arman Jilavyan, Managing Partner of MEDIACRAT.


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