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Armenia known and unknown. A few tips for the inbound tourist

Years ago, discovering Armenia, I came to realize a simple truth – it more complicated, but at the same time, easy to love when you know well… And, yes, it is about the Homeland. It’s hard because it has so many ‘faces’, from bad roads to underdeveloped transport infrastructure in the regions… It’s easy because every new step is a new discovery. And it turns out there are so many things you don’t know about your country, so many features which would make you proud, and which you could admire

And, first of all, we are talking about castles. And there are many of them. We will present only a few of them, which you will be interested to visit.


In this region, besides Amberd, you can see the only almost completely restored Dashtadem fortress (not far from Talin) with its citadel, fortress, chapel, open water supply system. The castle was actually owned by a woman, which is visible at first sight: just see it – it is a small, elegant, polished, neat stone fortress at the end of the village.


In Urtsadzor, on the road leading to Khosrov forest, Tap fortress is located, which is also known as Gevorg Marzpetuni fortress. It is a fairly well-preserved military building with towers, defensive walls and rooms.

In the territory of Khosrov Forest State Reserve, on the top of an impregnable mountain, there is Kakavaberd / Geghi Fortress or Tatul Fortress. It is now well preserved, there is also a church inside the fortress.


Bjni fortress is located in Bjni village. It has been the main stronghold of Nig province for centuries, controlling the entrances of Bjni. The fortress now is in semi -destroyed state. There are ruins and traces of multiple buildings in the fortress, a small part of the secret underground road is also preserved.

Vayots Dzor

Smbataberd, one of the largest fortresses in Armenia, is located near the village of Artabuynk, and its walls offer a wonderful view of Vayots Dzor.

Another fortress, Proshaberd or Boloraberd, is 15 km away from Gladzor village. It was the residency of the Proshyan dynasty.


Located on the Kapan-Kajaran Road, Baghaberd is famous not only for its architecture or defensive significance. 1170 The Seljuks of Gandzak captured Baghaberd and burned more than 10,000 manuscripts belonging to the Tat monastery.

Halidzor Fortress, 5 km away from Kapan (Halidzor Virgin Desert of the Holy Mother of God) XVIII c. was rebuilt by David Bek, making it the main fortress of the liberation struggle, the center of the Armenian power in Syunik. It is a well-preserved and picturesque in structure, surrounded by rich nature.

The fortresses of Meghri and Khndzoresk, Mkhitar Sparapet, are also remarkable.


Berdavan fortress is located near the village of the same name, on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. It is a well-preserved structure with a citadel and towers.


Another tourist attraction – Lori Fortress is located not far from Stepanavan. It is an ensemble of structures made of rough stones, which offers a wonderful view of Dzoraget gorge.

Akhtala Fortress or Pghndzahank Fortress is located in the village of Akhtala, on the roadside. It is a remarkable structure, in the territory there is also a church with preserved frescoes.

Another fortress of defensive significance, Kayanberd, is located on the road to Haghpat.


There are some preserved parts of the castle in Gusanagyugh in this region. However, it is definitely worth visiting the Black and Red Fortresses in Gyumri.


The ruins of Spitak Fortress are located near Berdkunk village. It was built in 2-1 BC.  and served its purpose until 10th century. The walls and towers are partially preserved.


Sardarapat fortress was located in this region, from which a part of the earthen wall is now preserved.

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