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Ucom Offers Buying Xiaomi Smart Sensor Set For Home Safety

At Ucom’s online shop, as well as in a number of Ucom sales and service centers, anyone can buy Xiaomi smart sensor set which enables to control a house or apartment from anywhere. The set includes a Control Hub for all connected smart devices, a motion sensor, window and door sensor, smart socket as well as temperature and humidity measurement monitor. The devices are connected to the Control Hub via Wi-Fi.

In order to activate the Smart Sensor Set, it is necessary to, first of all, plug in the Control Hub into a power outlet. Then, open the Mi Home application an a smartphone and add the Mi Control Hub to the supervised devices list by pressing the “+” button in the upper right corner. The sensors should be set up in those parts of home, wherever needed.

“The Xiaomi smart sensor set assortment will certainly be replenished with new models. Those are especially convenient for families who prefer to organize their vacations or weekends in nature and, at the same time, want to keep their homes under full control,” said Ara Khachatryan, Director General at Ucom.

Let us add, that in case of buying in cash the Smart Sensor Set will cost 37 000 AMD, and only 1 030 AMD/month when buying on credit. Upon request, the devices of the set can be purchased separately. In particular, the price of the Control Hub is 16 900 AMD, the window and door sensors cost 7 000 AMD, a motion sensor is 5 900 AMD, a temperature and humidity measurement monitor costs 3 500 AMD, and a smart socket makes 7 900 AMD.


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