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Ucom Keeps On Supporting the “42 Yerevan” Programming School

Ucom keeps on supporting the “42 Yerevan” free programming school by providing fixed internet on special terms.

To note, the European Union-funded EU Tumo Engineering and Applied Sciences Center as a part of the Tumo Laboratory, has found its place in the network of 42 leading French programming schools, which already includes Tokyo, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Seoul and 26 other cities in the entire world.

“Along with it services Ucom keeps on supporting the projects that stand out in the field of technological education in Armenia. Surely, “42 Yerevan” educates a new generation of innovative, independent and creative professionals, setting an example for many others. It is gratifying to hear that many specialists are joining the ranks of the employees of the best IT companies in Armenia “, said Ara Khachatryan, Director General at Ucom.

“42 Yerevan is a school where students gain a solid base in programming for free. The education provided by the school is not only advanced in its field, but also in its educational methods. We are part of a large international network along with schools in Tokyo, Amsterdam and Silicon Valley. So, thanks to the effective cooperation with our partners, 1.5 years after the launch of the school, we already see the strength of the new generation of programmers, and soon it will become even more visible at the labor market”, Hovhannes Ispiryan, the head of “42 Yerevan” school, in his turn added.

“Before applying, I googled a bit, got acquainted with the international network, read positive reviews, registered the same day and passed the game. I came here at zero level of knowledge in programming. During this time I have learned so much thanks to “42 Yerevan” entire program that I have already started working at Epam’’, said Gevorg Amirjanyan, the student of “42 Yerevan”.

Speaking on the atmosphere and the culture at school, another student, Serob Khachatryan, said: “ At “42 Yerevan” I love freedom above all things. It has a very inspiring environment, very motivating. It’s just wonderful when you are given the freedom to manage your time, independently decide when to attend the classes, when to leave and when to plan your leisure”.

Let us add that in 2019, the school has had about 8000 applicants since the beginning of its admission, 160 of which were included in the main program in 2020, and after the end of this year’s admission, another 180 students will join the 42 Yerevan. Moreover, it is open to students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.