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3 Reasons to Acquire Ucom Bonds while Working in the Company

When back in 2019 Ucom first issued bonds in AMD and USD in the Armenian telecommunications market, a number of the company employees also acquired them.

In previous publications, we talked about the 3 main reasons that speak in favor of buying the company’s bonds. Those are the sustainable development of the company, high interest rates on bonds, transparent working style and accountability. This time we will consider the 3 reasons for buying Ucom bonds, which were mentioned by the company employees.

First of all, if you have free funds, which you are going to entrust to a bank either way, it is better to direct them to the company you work at. When you invest your own funds in that company, you become not only directly responsible, but also an interested party in its further development. The company turns from a workplace into a small business for you, where a lot really depends on your personal investment.

The second reason is loyalty. By purchasing a company bond, the employee shows that the company is not only an employer and a salary source for him/her, but also a reliable institution, the sustainable development of which depends on him/her.

And, finally, the third reason is treating all the company achievements as a personal victory.

“We are grateful to all of the employees who in 2019 entrusted us with their personal funds and purchased the company’s bonds. We consider every new and successful product developed by Ucom to be a common achievement of both the company, but first and foremost of all the highly engaged employees”, said Ara Khachatryan, Director General at Ucom.

Let us remind, that in 2021 Ucom upgraded its fixed network, and Ookla, the world leader in internet testing and analytics, awarded Ucom with “The fastest fixed network in Armenia 2021” award.