HayPost՛s digital transformation is a reality now

Two years ago, on July 20, Hayk Karapetyan was appointed CEO of HayPost in order to carry out the digital transformation of the company. Huge changes were made at HayPost under Hayk Karapetyan’s leadership both towards digital transformation and in the courses of human resources, tariffs, commercial, customer service, mail exchange organization and international areas.

HayPost ecosystem was built under the five-year development strategy of HayPost adopted in 2020, affiliated companies were established, and many new products and services were launched: iNovation, HayPost Retail, HayPost Med, Ber-Ber, Armoteca, etc. This stage of transformation successfully ends with the launch of the juridically certified mail. The cooperation between Hayk Karapetyan and HayPost finishes from this 25 July.

Key achievements of HayPost under the leadership of Hayk Karapetyan

Digitization: iNovation

  • Launch of Phoenix software: the whole HayPost system was digitized; all the post offices were connected through a united online system.
  • Introduction of client satisfaction system at HayPost: the services became more client-oriented, meeting the needs of the customers.
  • Introduction of HayPost+ juridically certified mail system: the postal operations of HayPost were digitized. Now the clients can use a number of postal services offered by post offices without visiting the post.
  • Envelope, introduction of Hybrid mail software: already 88% of mail handling has been digitized.
  • Launch of HayPost Pay wallet: it allows to make utility payments, pay for mobile, Internet connection and TV, property tax, land tax, waste collection fee, irrigation water fee, and payments for other services, send transfers to other users or to bank cards.
  • Operation of new website: it provides the opportunity to purchase a wide range of stamps and postcards and order them online.

Modernization of post offices and improvement of mail exchange

  • Transformation of the postmen work with tablets: now postmen pay pensions and make addressed deliveries via tablets; it is also possible to carry out the payments in situ.
  • A post office role model was created at HayPost; 26 post offices were rebranded, re-equipped, becoming more comfortable, technically supplied and corresponding to modern standards.
  • Jointly with the Ministry of Justice, HayPost opened civic centers in Vanadzor, Ijevan, Gyumri cities, giving the inhabitants of the regions the possibility to get access to around 110 services at one place.
  • Sorting centers were inaugurated in the regions of Armenia, contributing to the proportionate development of postal communication infrastructures, as well as triplication of the mail exchange speed.
  • The vehicle fleet is replenished by 30 percent.

Launch of new services and online platforms

  • The service of deliveries within the same day in Yerevan city was launched. The mail exchange in Yerevan city is implemented now three times a day, instead of one time as it used to.
  • Launch of HayPost Market e-commerce platform, with the aim to provide the inhabitants throughout the whole territory of Armenia with necessary goods.
  • Launch of Ber-Ber cargo transportation service: the citizens shop from the USA via the virtual address of HayPost and receive their shopping in any corner of Armenia.
  • Launch of HayPost Med pharmacy network, as well a new online service of delivery of medicines which made it possible to order the necessary medicines, pharmaceutical supplies and get them at the nearest post office or via the delivery service.
  • Armoteca, a new platform for promotion and export of Armenian production, aiming to make the best Armenian products more recognized and accessible and organize their delivery to around 190 countries.
  • Purchase of 20 new electric motorcycles and a new conveyor for the mail sorting center soon to come, for which HayPost was granted with 267,000 USD from the Universal Postal Union.
  • Creation of new services for analysis of customer claims, support and fast feedback (waiting time is reduced by 10 times), launch of a trust telephone number.

 Financial indexes 

  • According to the independent audit results of the international Grant Thornton company, HayPost closed the financial year of 2021 with unprecedented high indexes. The profit of HayPost group increased by 12%, the EBITDA, by 63%, the domestic mail almost doubled (72%), and the outgoing international mail increased by 12%.

Employees incentive programs

  • The salary of post office employees has increased by 46,5% on average. A monthly bonus program was introduced, based on corporate management principles (performance base). An annual bonus program was introduced for administration employees.


  • In 2021, HayPost was awarded with a special prize by PostEurop in the field of postal innovations for the innovative solutions of HayPost Pay wallet.
  • HayPost was licensed with ISO 27001 international certificate in 2022, which internationally recognized the information security of HayPost company.
  • In 2022, HayPost won a special prize in the nomination of High Performance during the Staff Management International Business Awards.
  • HayPost was the winner of Crisis Management of the Year nomination in the annual Armenian PR Awards in 2022.