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Ucom Technically Supported the Teach For Armenia’s 3rd Annual Virtual Student Leadership Camp

Currently, hundreds of students living in the most remote regions of Armenia are taking part in Teach For Armenia’s student leadership online camp using cards with mobile internet access provided by Ucom.

For the third year in a row, Teach For Armenia is hosting the Virtual Student Leadership Camp for students online thanks to the support of Ucom.

“Thanks to the efforts of our faithful partner, Ucom, students living in the most remote regions of Armenia have the opportunity to join Teach For Armenia’s Virtual Student Leadership Camp. During the camp, our students will have the opportunity to look at their communities differently, identify problems, and find solutions which will greatly contribute to the development of student leadership, as well as strengthen confidence in their own abilities. The entire process will be coordinated by representatives of our new eighth generation of Teacher-Leaders,” said Teach For Armenia’s Founder & CEO Larisa Hovannisian.

“Armenia’s educational system is going through many challenges and changes, especially since the period when the only option for getting an education was to connect from home. Ucom contributed in many ways to ensure that the student-teacher connection is never interrupted, and the flow of knowledge remains continuous. We are very happy to see how many successful and important projects are being implemented thanks to Teach For Armenia’s efforts and it is with great willingness that we’re supporting the Student Leadership Camp,” said Ara Khachatryan, Director General at Ucom.

During the Virtual Student Leadership Camp, students go through Teach For Armenia’s Change-Based Learning model with the newest cohort of Teacher-Leaders, studying their community, as well as highlighting and visualizing the changes they want to see. The ultimate goal is to develop a program that will contribute to the development of their community.