Ucom’s special offer of the unlimited internet is now termless

The unlimited internet special offer tailored for the subscribers of Ucom’s mobile voice service’s Level Up 4700 prepaid and Level Up 5500 postpaid tariff plans has become termless. The unlimited internet provided within the frames of the special offer will be available to subscribers not only throughout the year of 2022, but without any end term.

It should be noted that with the Level Up 4700 prepaid tariff plan, every 30 days upon payment the subscribers will not only benefit from the unlimited internet access on their smartphones but also get 1500 minutes to call all local networks, Artsakh, USA and Canada.

And by joining the Level Up 5500 postpaid tariff plan, in addition to the unlimited internet the subscribers will get 3000 minutes to call all local networks, Artsakh, USA and Canada.

«At Ucom, we value all those subscribers who joined us within the framework of the special offer and managed to form stable habits of daily internet usage and staying in constant contact. If you are the one who cannot imagine a day without active communication, scrolling the newsfeed or following the performance of your smart home equipment, then Level Up 4700 and Level Up 5500 tariff plans are tailor-made just for you”, said Ara Khachatryan, Director General at Ucom.

Let us add that Level Up tariff plan is intended for use with a smartphone.