Important healthcare issues have been resolved in borderline Chinari. Viva-MTS and “Athena” charitable foundation summarized the results of the project

Homeland begins at the border. Willingness to protect it can be demonstrated not only by mobilizing as a military, but also by implementing various programs. Pursuant to this logic, an important free dental pilot program is being implemented in the borderland village of Chinari. The sad reality of about forty years has been changed as a result of the partnership between Viva-MTS and the charitable foundation “Athena”.

The former dental chair of the medical center, which was technically not applicable and did not have any functional capabilities, was replaced by a new and modern chair. Specialists from the capital visiting Chinari mostly on weekends work here on a voluntary basis. The demonstrated dedication and availability of high quality, modern equipment with all functional capabilities contribute to obtaining the expected result. The program allows Chinari’s people to receive treatment with maximum efficiency. Having an X-ray examination and getting diagnosed right there, while seated on the medical chair, without the need to travel from the village to the regional center are now available in the village. In addition to providing services to urgent cases, treatment, sealing, prosthetics are available, as well.

Specialists from the capital strive to work at maximum capacity to solve dental problems, which have aggravated by bad conditions and stress over years. Along with visitor registration and needs assessment, a treatment process is carried out. 65 patients with various problems have already received the services. A minimum of 5 visits are organized for those who need prosthetics. 60 registered villagers are still waiting for their turn to receive support. Considering prevention as the best cure, medical volunteers initiated a dental care course among school children in Chinari.

“Residents of border villages live under stress. There are people who sleep in their clothes because they do not know what will happen at night. That stress causes health problems. It is very important that Viva-MTS became our partner this year. Because of this, we were able to implement this pilot program. It is not necessary to take up weapons in order to benefit the motherland, although one must be prepared for that, too. There are different ways to benefit the motherland. One of them is a program like this one and the willingness to volunteer,” Hrachya Grigoryan, Executive Director of “Athena” foundation, said.

The free pilot dental program, which has been running for about three months, will close at the end of the year. Head of Chinari administration, Samvel Saghoyan, considers the support of Viva-MTS and “Athena” charitable foundation important.

This is not the first time that people in Chinari see Viva-MTS acting not only as an information and telecommunication company, but as a structure guided by corporate social responsibility. Over the years, Viva-MTS has renovated the kindergarten in this village, has installed a LED street lighting system, and has built a drinking water pumping station and an irrigation system.