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It’s summertime, folks! With COVID-19 travel restrictions eased, the travel industry is back with a vengeance as wanderlust-deprived folks eagerly catch flights. Whether you’re a student taking time off after a busy school year or a working professional taking a break from the daily grind, the world is your oyster. Even better, with crypto taking the world by storm, here are four crypto-friendly destinations for you and your loved ones this summer! Bybit blog reports.

1. Rome, Italy

Dubbed the “Eternal City”, Rome is one of the most dense places in the whole of Europe with nearly 4.3 million residents. Rome has always been at the forefront of modern civilization, with the legacy of Julius Caesar and Roman Empire transcending modern-day language, culture and architecture.

Despite being an ancient city, Rome looks to stay ahead of its time by accepting crypto payments. For example, Hotel Coppede Roma, a local hotel accepts Bitcoin for tourists seeking lodging. Rome is also home to a Bitcoin cafe made by Coinbar, a local crypto exchange platform whose unique selling proposition is trading cryptocurrency as simple as sipping a cup of coffee. The cafe is also a common location for crypto enthusiasts and entrepreneurs at the heart of Rome who wish to sip on espresso and have conversations with like-minded crypto enthusiasts.

2. Dubai, UAE

Home to the Burj Khalifa, one-of-a-kind camel rides in the deserts, and Bybit’s newly launched headquarters, Dubai welcomed more than eight million tourists in 2020 With the goal of establishing a reputation as a global crypto hub, Dubai has attracted many big names in the crypto industry. That’s not all — crypto-friendly hotels such as The Manor Hotel by JA allows tourists to book hotel accommodation using BTC, ETH, and BNB.

Those who wish to open their hot wallets can head over to Antika Dubai, a restaurant that serves Lebanese cuisine and accepts BTC and ETH as payment. For those interested in  cocktails and parties, B018 is another popular destination accepting cryptocurrencies includingBTC, ETH, and LTC.

3. Madrid, Spain

Madrid is home to famous sporting locations such as Real Madrid football club, Santiago Bernabéu, famous art pieces in the renowned Prado Museum, charming cafes and a vibrant nightlife. Tourists can book their entire package consisting of flights, accommodation, and activities on using popular cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH and several stablecoins such as USDT, USDC, and DAI.

Since July 2021, several restaurants and gastropubs in Madrid started accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. This was made possible by a company called 2gether that facilitates transactions by converting cryptocurrencies into traditional currencies. Purchasing cryptocurrency is also as easy as visiting one of 40,000 Bitnovo accredited stores in Madrid selling coupons for Euros. Coupons are worth 25€, 50€, 100€, 250€, or 500€. Users would need to input the code on the coupon in the Bitnovo app to redeem cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, and DAI. Bitnovo also offers a Bitcard that converts cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin into Euros for transactions.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

The capital city of the Czech Republic is one of the most popular destinations for tourists and digital nomads worldwide. The city is renowned for its medieval old town, museums, delectable Hungarian cuisine, and bustling nightlife. In 2018, Forbes named Prague the top city globally in terms of the total number of stores that accept cryptocurrency. Flight bookings, lodging, train rides, insurance, and activities  in the city can all be paid for via cryptocurrencies such as BTC and BCH using a travel agency, Destinia. Purchasing cryptocurrency in Prague is as easy as visiting one of forty-four ATM machines across the city.

Located close to the Old Town Square, Prague Siesta Apartments offers lodging for tourists, where payments can be made in BTC. For tourists hoping to catch local and international films, Bio Oko accepts BTC payments for movie tickets. Finally, tourists who want to experience Prague from the perspective of a local can book tour packages with Alternative Prague using BTC, LTC, and GRS.

Despite the current crypto winter we are experiencing, crypto development is still at an all-time high this summer. Using crypto payments certainly increases convenience for travelers; it eliminates high credit card exchange rates and the need to exchange currencies from one country to the next. All you need is a secure wallet with sufficient assets, and you’re ready to take off! For starters, check out Bybit Express — a seamless way to purchase cryptocurrency using fiat.

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