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Ucom Provides 20% Discount On uKid Smartwatches

Ucom offers an incredible 20% discount on its uKid smartwatch phones until January 31 and encourages all parents with children to buy this smartwatch as a wonderful New Year gift for their children. uKid smartwatch phone, which is an alternative option for parents to be always in touch with their children, can be purchased at 39 900 AMD, instead of the former 50 000 AMD, or 9 900 AMD can be paid in advance and the remaining 30 000 AMD shall be paid by instalments for the following 12 months (2 500 AMD monthly), if those who benefit from the offer choose to subscribe to uKid tariff plan for 12 months.

“Your children will feel more independent, and you will be able to keep your mind free from worries, as you can always locate and set safe zones for your child. If your child leaves the safe zone, uKid smartwatch phone will send a notification to your app. You will personally set the contacts with whom you want your child to keep in touch as well as receive calls. For emergencies, your child will contact you by pressing and holding SOS button,” said Hayk Yesayan, Co-Founder and Director General at Ucom.

uKid smartwatch phone will periodically remind the child about daily tasks, and subscribers will also be able to track how much the child has walked during the day. Parents will also be able to activate “In Class” mode, which will limit the possibility of playing on uKid smartwatch phone, thus preventing a child from being distracted during the lesson or when doing the lessons.  

It should be added that uKid smartwatch phone works only with SIM cards switched to uKid tariff plan, and the monthly fee of the tariff plan is 2000 AMD. With uKid tariff plan, children will get 5000 minutes to call the mobile numbers of Ucom, 1 GB of mobile internet and unlimited SMSs within the mobile network of Ucom.