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Ucom Keeps On Hiring

Ucom keeps on hiring first of all specialists with technical background and work experience. In the situation caused by the pandemic, Ucom is one of those unique employers that have continued to operate stably, paid full salaries on time, provided existing employees with opportunities to gain comprehensive knowledge, to rapidly grow and develop professionally, to learn and self-educate.

“Ucom itself is an institutional structure that has been acting as a unified provider of both fixed and mobile communication services in Armenia. Ucom also imports and implements innovative technologies, providing new types of services to customers. Our team is engaged in solving the problems of customers, regardless to what extent the customers are aware of technologies or devices installed at their premises,” said Razmik Hovhannisyan, a technical support coordinator at Ucom’s Call Center.

Victoria Misakyan from the Technical support team, who specializes in radio engineering, is sure that knowledge is at the heart of everything, and the Technical Department provides the opportunity to always use one’s brains, to logically approach the problems, to handle them from different sides, to develop and self-educate.

Mary Dallakyan from the Call Center believes that Ucom has a strong corporate culture and attaches importance to the formation of mutual respect between employees and customers in the Armenian reality. “The best share is ours, because the working schedule is flexible. If you like to help people, then you’ll find the most interesting work here. It is also a hard work, as you need to be patient, to understand customers needs, to step into their shoes, to work under pressure from time to time, but since we work in a pleasant friendly environment, almost every difficulty is forgotten in the working process,” added Mary.

“One of Ucom’s principal approaches is teamwork, and it is first of all in our team that people try to support each other, we try to be balanced in all situations, since we believe that any problem has a solution,” said Knarik Petrosyan, a sales and service specialist at Ucom’s sales and service center on the Northern Avenue.

“Ucom’s role for Armenia is very important, since a huge amount of information is being constantly exchanged both via the Internet, mobile and fixed-line telephony. This is of great strategic importance for our country and the telecom sector. Since I am actually one of the FO network organizers, I can guarantee a healthy working environment on my behalf and on behalf of the team, in which every new employee will be able to realize their potential,” said Vahagn Haroyan, an employee of FO Network Construction Department.

It should be added that Ucom continues to attract new staff by promoting existing employees and hiring new specialists. Job announcements are placed on specialized websites. Resumes are received at e-mail address.


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