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UATE. Armath Engineering Labs Export Website Now Available

In recent days, a website has been published containing all the export information of Armath Engineering Laboratories. UATE is in talks with public and private organizations in a number of countries for the export of Armath, so the growing interest in the educational model required the collection of all export project details on one platform.

“Over the years, since 2017, when we started the export process of Armath, a lot of information has been collected, the franchise model, sales methodology, conditions have been clarified, and in order to present all this more systematically, we decided to create this website, which will be more convenient for users and people interested in exporting Armath. This will contribute to the further export of the Armath educational model, ” said Anna Sargsyan, Armath program coordinator.

The website was created by a newly established technology company operating in Stepanakert, founded by Lilit Soghomonyan – a coach and a coordinator of Armath Laboratories operating in Artsakh. This newly formed company is also a UATE member.

The site contains the latest and most relevant information for those interested in the Armath educational model, including the franchise model, its capabilities, conditions, cost, equipment, educational content features, results and information on the effectiveness of Armath Engineering Laboratories.

The website also has a section that allows not only to attract direct buyers of the educational model but also to gather people and companies that can represent Armath in other countries.

It should be mentioned that an agreement was signed last year on the export of the Armath educational program to the Republic of India. UATE also signed a memorandum with Mr. Sisey Tola Yadete, the Minister of Innovation and Technology of Ethiopia, on the implementation of 51 Armath laboratories in Ethiopia. This was immediately followed by the UATE Memorandum of Understanding with Mr. Mohammad Hashim, the Afghan Minister of Telecommunications and IT, on the readiness to have a similar project in Afghanistan. Memoranda were signed with representatives of Bangladesh, Namibia and Lebanon. An agreement was signed with Mongolia to install 3 Armath laboratories there in the near future.