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Fast Bank has received a Mastercard membership license

Fast Bank has received a license to issue and acquirer Mastercard cards. As a result of this cooperation, the Bank will soon offer its customers Mastercard World and Mastercard World Black Edition cards.

“We are very pleased with the opportunity to issue and acquirer Mastercard cards, as this is an important step towards making the RA banking industry one of the most modern and advanced in the world. We look forward to offering the benefits of Mastercard cards to our customers and providing them with more financial management options”- mentioned the representative of Fast Bank.

Following its acquisition of a Mastercard membership license, the bank works to enhance the availability and speed of financial services in Armenia by implementing innovations, growing its network of ATMs, issuing cards, and providing other infrastructures.

“This news is important for Mastercard because cooperation with modern tech companies is an integral part of our mission and vision. We believe that the future is cashless, and we are proud to be one of the driving forces behind this transformative journey. Collaborating with Fast Bank in Armenia will make financial operations even more accessible and simplified”- mentioned David Zgudadze, regional director of Mastercard in Georgia and Armenia.

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