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What to Give on The Occasion of Women’s Day? Idram and IDBank

Spring has come, bringing the ones who sing “There is no love without spring” (Arants ser chka garun), those who are fed up with the singers and, of course, bringing the question that worries us all: what to give on the occasion of March 8 and the women’s month?

Regardless of gender, we all have at least one dear female for whom it is desirable to choose a good gift: mother, sister, daughter or beloved wife may try to be modest, reminding that the gift was not necessary and that they love you even without a gift, but we know that the day will not be complete without a gift. Such claims are not made without hints, so let us give some ideas on what you can choose for a lovely and gentle creature.

  • Watches: a good and quality watch or accessory, especially of her favorite brand, can be a wonderful gift for March 8. And don’t tell us that happy people don’t look at the clock: give her a watch so that she will never be late for the meetings with you.
  • Household clothing accessories: no matter how much you encourage her to shine and conquer the world during the day, after entering the house in the evening, give her the opportunity to enjoy all the comforts of staying home, moments of rest and recovery. Give her household clothing accessories: soft slippers, comfortable home clothes, towels, comfy pajamas, blanket… You will definitely make her very happy.
  • Care items: secretly find out what brand of care and what products she uses, and even if it seems ordinary and common to you, we believe that receiving the preferred care as a gift will never disappoint any woman.
  • Edible gifts: do not think that this idea is outdated. If your beloved female likes to eat delicious food or try unique delicacies like you, then what else do you have to worry about? A delicious box with lovely packaging and elegant flowers will not leave any woman indifferent.
  • If you still can’t decide what gift to choose, and the ideas mentioned above are not to your liking, then the most optimal option will be a gift card. Just be a little different this time and instead of giving her a gift card with a small half-empty bag, send her an idplus digital gift card, choosing from the possible offers the outlet that she will definitely enjoy shopping from. Counted seconds, and the gift card with the amount suitable for you will be with her. By the way, you can pay with an idplus gift card wherever there is an opportunity to pay with Idram, that is, at more than 20,000 outlets.
  • Another wonderful idea with Idram: when choosing gifts on the occasion of March 8, you can get a 20% discount at 8 outlets at once, if the payment is made with Idram QR.

Now go and think about what you will give as a present. Whatever gift you choose, you have Idram to make payments safely, quickly and comfortably, and if you haven’t planned the month’s budget like the previous times and didn’t put money ‘aside’ for the gift, then you can pay with Rocket Line without getting upset, as it is available everywhere where there is a possibility to pay with Idram. And you can pay with Rocket Line 0% at more than 8,500 outlets, buying the gifts at the same moment, and making the payment later, without paying even one dram more.

In the end, we just want to remind you that whatever you give, remember that the best gift is the one chosen from the bottom of your heart and with love.