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The best vacation destinations in the autumn of 2021

The premium VISA Signature card offers various benefits during your trips. Furthermore, this type of card issued by Converse Bank also provides additional opportunities. In particular, the Bank’s VISA Signature cardholders will have access to the services of Zvartnots Airport Business Lounge, with two children under the age of 14, without entrance and service fees. Only 100 AMD will be charged from the card for entry validation. These cardholders will also be eligible to a credit limit, which, too, can be used for travelling purposes.

The most popular tourist destinations in the autumn of 2021 are well known. Apart from Egypt, UAE, Greece and Cyprus, famous for their mild weather and picturesque beaches, you may also consider the following destinations your autumn vacation:

Tunisia, where tourists are promised wonderful ethnic tours, unique atmosphere and wonderful beaches,

– Spain, where the average water temperature on the beaches in autumn is + 23 °C, with plenty of historical sights – medieval castles and architectural monument,

– Thailand, famous for its unique culture and cuisine and tourist traditions,

-Bulgaria, which in 2021 offers the most affordable tourism services in Europe.

Those who prefer more intellectual type of tourism, may consider visiting:

– Braga, Portugal – Braga is a fantastic place to visit, with beautiful and well-kept gardens, historical and architectural monuments and a unique atmosphere, thanks to which the city does not lack tourists all year round. Known for its unique stairway, the Bom Jesus church, the historic center, the Biscayne Fortress with its gardens, the Smergio Sanctuary, and the Populo Monastery are just a few of the attractions that make up Braga’s touristic identity.

– Cavtat, Croatia – Surrounded by mountains Cavtat is the southernmost coastal resort in Croatia. It is famous for its rich nature, beautiful architecture and comfortable seashores.

– Kotor, Montenegro – The city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It resembles a small, fairytale medieval settlement. The city’s unique atmosphere and architectural outlook is due to the Venetians, who ruled the city for 400 years, shielding it away from wars. It is only the numerous brand-new and luxury ships parked on the shore that remind you that you are in the 21st century.

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