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How to escape the “black” side of Black Friday? Some tips from Converse Bank

Black Friday is coming soon. People all over the world are waiting for that day to buy their dream phone, dress, perfume….

And thousands throughout the world, including Armenia complain that the discounts are less than expected or are not offered at all, and still they look forward to the Black Friday of the next year.

Here are some tips from Converse Bank on the eve of November 26: how to plan shopping to get what you wish and at the same time to evade a budget gap.

– Monitor the prices by regularly reviewing the prices of products you intend to buy on Black Friday. Beware, not all products are discounted that day.

You can also monitor the prices online, for instance in US sites, such as:

– Set a budget from your “wallet.”

– Make a list of “must” buys and try to keep to the list.

– Remember: not always you win in 1+1=2 deals. Normally, the price includes the prime cost of the second product, and you can get something you do not need.

If you still prefer to make online shopping on Black Friday:

– Get registered in the sites of your favorite brands in advance. It will help you monitor the prices and products from home and be timely informed about the promo actions and discounts;

– Do not make purchases from suspicious and unknown sites. If possible, use anonymous modes and sites that do not store cookies;

– Pay attention to the security of data exchange with the site. Remember: the indication of HTTPS in green or the sign of lock in the upper left corner of the browser are extra guarantees of security;

– Do not make purchases in the sites requiring social card number (SSN) and passport serial number. Use mixed-case passwords including caps+lowercase+number+symbol.

– Make purchases with Visa virtual card of Converse Bank. It is designed for online shopping, is safe and prevents the access to your funds and accounts.

See the details here;

The Bank is supervised by the CBA.


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