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IDBank released the first tranche of dollar bonds in 2022

On February 7, through a public offer, IDBank issued 2022 first (within the framework of the 3rd prospectus, approved by decision No. 1/392A by the Chairman of the Central Bank, on July 23, 2021) tranche of nominal coupon bonds under the abbreviation AMANLBB2FERO.

– General coverage – 5 million dollars

-Quantity – 50 thousand

-Nominal standing -100 USD

– A circulation period- 27 months

– The annual interest rate- 4%

– The bonds will be paid quarterly․

The bonds will be placed from February 7, 2022 to May 4, 2022 inclusive. After the placement, the bonds will be listed in the “Armenian Stock Exchange” OJSC. The bonds will be quoted through the Marketmaker.

According to the Chief Financial Officer of IDBank Arman Asatryan, in the current period obligations are one of the most promising financial instruments. “Our society, financially active citizens, take obligations as a convenient variant of investments, and this is true. First, the bondholder receives a non-taxable income on the bond, in addition, the funds attracted by means of nominal bonds are considered to be guaranteed bank deposits and are guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund of Armenia”, Arman Asatryan said.

To get IDBank bonds it is necessary to fill in the form and present it to the Bank, then the bonds will immediately become visible in Idram&IDBank application.

You can get the detailed information about the bonds of the Bank following the link.

The Bond prospectus was registered by the CBA, resolution N1/392A of the Chairman of the CBA from July 23, 2021. The electronic version of the prospectus and the final terms of issue are available on the official website of the Bank.