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Converse Bank customer wins Visa campaign

Converse Bank customer became the winner of Visa x FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 campaign. He won a ticket to the finals of the FIFA World Cup in live lottery draws and was awarded the prize during the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Visa in Armenia “courtesy of Visa.”

He thanked the Visa and the Bank: “The call from Converse Bank was a pleasant surprise for me. It is great to do daily shopping and make transactions with payment cards and to participate and win in similar attractive campaigns without paying any extra fee.”

Converse Bank became a full member of Visa International in 2002.

The Visa and Visa Virtual cardholders of Converse Bank use the benefits offered by the Bank and Visa International.

In the co-branded campaigns of various years, the customers of the Bank have won 10 trips (for persons each) to Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon, Budapest, Praha, Rome, Vienna, Athens, Amsterdam and Berlin, 50 standardized gold bars, 50 sporting gifts, numerous latest smart phones and valuable presents and have got Cashback.

The Bank intends to make the attractive campaigns and offers continuous. You can order Visa card here and participate in the campaign.

For details:, 010-511-211

The Bank is regulated by the Central Bank of Armenia.