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Ucom Supports the Next “SunChild” Festival in Armenia

The 12th edition of “SunChild” festival themed around “BioDiversity: The Pulse of Life” is set to take place in Yerevan from May 24-28, with Ucom’s support.

During the festival, 30 films will be shown, which will compete in four categories: a film about conservationists, a full-length documentary about the conservation of biodiversity, a short film about the conservation of biodiversity, films made by or for children/youth on the topic of protecting nature.

“For Ucom, as a green company, protecting the environment is a very important value, and awareness among young people on this topic is the best way to save our nature and planet. We are happy to support this festival, confident that the young people participating in it will become bearers of the same values and will contribute to building a stable future for Armenia,” said Ralph Yirikian, General Director of Ucom.

“For several years now, SunChild has been educating our society about global environmental challenges, serving to spread a sustainable lifestyle, and doing all this through art. Years of experience have shown that this is the best way to talk about difficult problems that can sometimes seem unsolvable. Through a variety of events, we will try to attract the attention of both schoolchildren and adults, uniting everyone around one idea – harmony with nature,” said Sona Kalantaryan, Director of the “SunChild” festival.

Additionally, during the festival, there will be an exhibition featuring environmental organizations that will highlight their impactful work and opportunities for youth involvement.

Interactive discussions and masterclasses will delve into pressing topics like sustainable fashion, urban gardening, and climate justice. The “Fragile Space” exhibition will captivate attendees with environmentally themed artworks, including AI-generated images and sculptures crafted from recycled materials.

A highlight of the festival will be the “Animal Masquerade Procession” on May 26, where 400 young participants will parade through the city streets adorned in animal costumes crafted from recycled materials, symbolizing their commitment to conservation.

Supported by the Yerevan City Hall, the US Forest Service, the Wildlife and Cultural Assets Protection Fund, and the Armenian office of the British Council, the 12th SunChild festival promises to inspire and empower a new generation of environmental advocates.