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Viva-MTS: Long Awaited Housewarming in Amberd Village

In the frames of the housing project implemented by Viva-MTS and the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia, the heads of the partnering organizations visited Amberd village of Armavir region. The Badalyan family has been assisted through this project; now, they have a stone built house after having lived in a metal container for two decades.

Ashot and Amalya have experienced the utmost difficulty of living in a metal container. The story of entering the metal container began 20 years ago when their elder son was three year old and the youngest son was one year old. The young family has never thought that one day they would be homeless and would have to think of obtaining a new metal container.

“It was difficult. After having lived in a metal container for 10 years, it was fired and everything we had was burned to the ground. We purchased another metal container with the help of neighbors and community and continued living there for another 10 years. In 2018, we started the construction of our house, and who knows, we wouldn’t have been able to complete the construction for another 20 years if not your support. Now, you see, what kind of a house we have, with all necessities, just the one we have been dreaming of”, said Amalya.

The resilient and optimistic housewife has overcome many difficulties in life. She claims that they have become more confident after being included in the housing project. Despite the hardships, they have never lost the hope. Due to the health issues of three family members, the construction of the house had to be postponed from time to time. Regularly, there were problems that hindered the realization of their dream. During the pandemic, the Badalyans did not stop the construction as they have built their house with family members.

“Nothing can break the human will to overcome problems. It seems this family would lose every hope after finding itself in a metal container for the second time in their life. But rather it has grown even stronger. The sad perspective to repeat the past has dramatically changed these people. They are now stronger, more decided and committed to solving the problem they face. I am happy to state there has been a positive turn in the life of this family. I am sure new daily routine will change their disposition, and the memories of the past will soon be gone. Our program has both social and psychological component, and that is crucial,” Viva-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian said.

“This family is an embodiment of resilience; they are one of such families. Even during the pandemic, our families have gone on with the house construction. In a way, it even helped the families to stay busy, to build, hope, endure and believe. We lived difficult times, we still continue that way, but the life continues, and each of us should give it our best shot to have a better future”, said Ashot Yeghiazaryan, the President of Fuller Center for Housing Armenia.

Only in 2020, owing to the housing project financed by Viva-MTS, being implemented in 10 regions of Armenia, houses were built, renovated, or purchased for 96 families; in fact, the most important problem for families has been resolved. Over AMD 230 mln. has been invested.

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