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Viva-MTS: Orthotics partnership program for wounded soldiers

The first batch of modern orthoses is in Armenia

Viva-MTS and the “Support of Wounded Soldiers and Disabled Military Servicemen” NGO are launching a joint orthotics program for a group of warriors wounded during the 44-day war. In the scope of the program the partners have opted for innovative orthotics appliances rather than static orthoses. With the support of Viva-MTS, 100 orthoses manufactured by leading German and Dutch companies, were purchased for the purposes of the current program. The first batch is already in Armenia. The medical procedures with the use of the purchased orthotic equipment will be carried out at the “Zinvori tun” Rehabilitation Center.

Orthotics are often needed to prevent post-traumatic complications during rehabilitation of soldiers with injuries of spinal cord, brain, and upper extremities. Many people do not adapt to static orthoses and prefer a wheelchair for mobility, which, however, can cause many secondary health problems. Unlike static orthoses, obtained modern orthoses do not restrict movements, are not heavy, and due to mechanical jointing and correct structure, are dynamic and functional. While walking, they correctly fix the pillars և ensure free movement. Modern orthoses will allow the wounded soldiers to be as independent and physically self-confident as possible, and will significantly improve their quality of life.

“It’s hard to talk about a program created as a result of the war. However, the current situation obliges us to soberly analyze the existing problems and look for solutions. It is important to get the wounded soldiers back to normal life. The boys need to keep their spirits up. Today, they equally need instrumental, professional, and also psychological support. At the heart of this program is the achievement of these goals. I would like to believe that with our colleagues we will be able to restore the self-supporting abilities of the young people wounded on the battle ground. It is one of the steps to improve their quality of life. Joint efforts are needed, and care must be in place,” said Viva-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.

“As part of the orthotics program, orthopedics for 70 feet and 30 hands will be performed for wounded soldiers. Those will be modern dynamic orthoses, which will let boys walk more freely and will ensure more independence in life. A walking laboratory will be built in “Zinvori tun” Rehabilitation Center, which will allow seeing and discovering the possible problems in time by means of a 2D technology in order to solve the identified problems effectively in an early stage,” Yerevan State Medical University Rector Armen Muradyan said.

The main function of the orthosis is to fix the body in an anatomically correct position for the relief, fixation, activation and minimization of the load on the damaged joint. This allows reducing the burden on all the joints of the spine and body, to prevent overexertion of the muscular system. At the same time, in the case of problems with the lower extremities, they contribute to the restoration of proper biomechanics and the progress of the gait program, as well as the restoration of hand function. Viva-MTS and “Support of Wounded Soldiers and Disabled Military Servicemen” NGO will jointly implement the orthosis program, which will engage experts in many disciplines. The team will include a prosthetist, a rehabilitation doctor, a physiotherapist, an acupuncturist, a physiotherapist, an ergotherapist, and other specialists, who will be engaged, as needed.

The duration of the program is three years. Viva-MTS has provided its partner, the “Support of Wounded Soldiers and Disabled Military Servicemen” NGO, 120 million AMD for the program implementation.