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Byblos Bank Armenia, Soldier’s Home team up for meaningful Christmas project

Byblos Bank Armenia and the Soldier’s Home Rehabilitation Center joined forces this year to create a meaningful celebration for the New Year and Christmas holidays. Ahead of the festive season, the Bank clients and partners received creative compositions, carefully crafted by wounded soldiers, featuring ethically bred butterflies inside organic glass frames.

This initiative is part of the Beauty by Soldiers program, the first business project of the Soldier’s Home, entirely curated and run by the veterans themselves. The program aims at helping wounded soldiers adjust to civilian status and improve their quality of life; finding a meaningful job and becoming self-sufficient is core to embarking on their social reintegration journey.

Byblos Bank Armenia CEO Hayk Stepanyan said: “Our Christmas initiative this year is an opportunity to give back to our brave countrymen, and to contribute to the well-being of the community we are privileged to serve. At Byblos Bank Armenia, we feel a deep sense of gratitude for the defenders of the Homeland. This is why we encourage and support the Beauty by Soldiers program, benefiting our servicemen’s successful reintegration into public life. By purchasing this year’s Christmas gifts for our clients and partners from the Soldier’s Home, the Bank made a modest contribution and shed light on the great work being done here every day.”

Soldier’s Home Rehabilitation Center plays a pivotal role in servicemen’s post-deployment well-being.

Soldier’s Home director Haykuhi Minasyan welcomed this generous partnership. She expressed her gratitude by thanking Byblos Bank Armenia for creating together with the wounded soldiers a very special gift this year. She then gave details about the project: “The Beauty by Soldiers project is based on the model of social entrepreneurship. The organization engages disabled veterans who create compositions with natural butterflies. The purpose of this business project is to address the employment problem of our beneficiaries by providing them with work and stable income. Our plan is to scale up such programs by recruiting more veterans and involving them in other forms of art, too.”

Proceeds from the sale of Beauty by Soldiers special butterfly gifts total AMD 16,000,000. The entire amount will help address the educational, social and health problems of the Soldier’s Home beneficiaries.

Soldier’s Home is a charitable NGO that addresses the problems of soldiers injured or disabled in combat or on active duty. Veterans receive quality healthcare services free of charge at the rehabilitation center established in 2018. The very modern and well-equipped Prosthetics Center provides prosthetic limbs and physical rehabilitation services to people injured both in the 2020 war and during the defense of the homeland in general. Soldier’s Home helps disabled veterans get education and jobs by organizing a number of educational programs for servicemen living in Yerevan and the provinces of Armenia.

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