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STOCKS EUR:  FTSE100 - 8317.59-0.26 CAC40 - 8094.97-0.09
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24/05/2024  CBA:  GOLD - 29389.30-615.51 SILVER - 380.75-15.70
May, 2024
May 2024
Meet your Local Meta Sales Partner Evido in Armenia
07/03/2023 15:45

Meet your Local Meta Sales Partner Evido in Armenia

AdTech/Digital Marketing company Evido has got the status of Meta Authorized Sales Partner and now provides local in-market support and advisory services without additional commission to advertisers and agencies in Armenia.

Becoming part of the Program, Evido will work on delivering Meta ads products closer to the Armenian audience. Local partner provides in-market support on the ground, advisory services, and easy marketing tools to advertisers and agencies with no hidden fees.

Evido got the status of Meta ASP for its proficiency in understanding the local market problems, and passion to work out the best solutions for a wide range of advertisers, as well as for diverse experience in advertising technologies, and big love of sharing its knowledge with local marketers. Evido team in Armenia consists of trained and certified client partners and a support team right on the ground. This makes them stay in touch with local advertisers, hear their concerns and desires, and provide ongoing support to them with a response to any question in a few minutes. Evido mission, as they state it, is to move the Armenian market forward and discover new opportunities for businesses through the Meta ads platforms and together with the local experts.

Meet your Local Meta Sales Partner Evido in Armenia 1

The digital advertising market in Armenia is in a growth stage. According to Statista, more than half of the population uses social media, with 60% preferring Instagram and Facebook. This indicates that Meta ads platforms are providing real benefits to businesses in the country.

We believe there are even more opportunities to explore, such as sharing our best practices with local experts and developing their practical skills in ads campaigns management. Evido can be the perfect partner in this endeavor, providing educational materials and technical marketing tools to help businesses in Armenia reach their goals through Facebook and Instagram Ads”.

Arevik Gasparyan, Director at Evido

In addition to deep in-market support with launching ads on Facebook and Instagram Evido  has a ready tool to automate marketing routines such as managing ads budgets, paying in local currencies, and automatically analyzing budget effectiveness.

Meet your Local Meta Sales Partner Evido in Armenia 2

I believe that Evido launch as local Meta ASP in Armenia is a huge opportunity for all businesses that use Facebook and Instagram for promotion. We contain in ourselves expertise, knowledge, and technology. These three drivers are the key to success. And we are here to share it with the market.”

Anatoly, Clients partner for Meta ASP

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