OIL:  BRENT - 84.00+0.61 WTI - 80.00+0.84
COMEX:  GOLD - 2419.80+1.63 SILVER - 31.78+6.75
COMEX:  PLATINUM - 1094.70+2.62
LME:  ALUMINIUM - 2612.00+0.52 COPPER - 10668.00+4.39
LME:  NICKEL - 21080.00+8.16 TIN - 34251.00+2.52
LME:  LEAD - 2283.50+0.59 ZINC - 3031.00+1.85
FOREX:  USD/JPY - 155.609-0.12 EUR/GBP - 1.087+0.12
FOREX:  EUR/USD - 1.087+0.12 GBP/USD - 1.269+0.26
STOCKS RUS:  RTSI - 1211.87+0.33
STOCKS US: DOW JONES - 40003.59+0.34 NASDAQ - 16685.97-0.07
STOCKS US: S&P 500 - 5303.27+0.12
STOCKS JAPAN:  NIKKEI - 38787.38-0.34 TOPIX - 2745.62+0.30
STOCKS CHINA:  HANG SENG - 19553.61+0.91 SSEC - 3154.03+1.01
STOCKS EUR:  FTSE100 - 8420.26-0.22 CAC40 - 8167.50-0.26
STOCKS EUR:  DAX - 18704.42-0.18
17/05/2024  CBA:  USD - 387.60-0.49 GBP - 490.31-1.36
17/05/2024  CBA:  EURO - 420.12-1.81
17/05/2024  CBA:  GOLD - 29626.27+210.84 SILVER - 369.74+10.20
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May 2024
Byblos Bank Armenia celebrates 15th anniversary
15/02/2023 11:38

Byblos Bank Armenia celebrates 15th anniversary

Byblos Bank Armenia is proud to celebrate its 15th anniversary this year alongside customers, partners, and colleagues from parent company Byblos Bank Group.

The Bank opened its doors for business in the heart of Yerevan in 2007 and embarked on a most exciting journey, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Byblos Bank Group.

Over the years, Byblos Bank Armenia has earned a solid reputation as a reliable partner. When offering banking solutions, the Bank factors in every detail in the decision-making process to improve the financial health of customers and deliver products tailored to the needs of the local client base.

According to CEO Mr. Hayk Stepanyan, in recent years, Byblos Bank Armenia has enjoyed consistent growth, especially in terms of its retail lending portfolio and the number of cardholders. Conscious of its role in advancing banking practices in Armenia, the Bank continues to invest in various areas that add value to its customers. These include staff training, digital solutions, and state-of-the-art branches, to name a few.

For the occasion, Mr. Stepanyan said: “Being able to celebrate our 15th anniversary is both exciting and humbling. This journey has helped us change the quality of life of thousands of people, and we are proud of it. We built the expertise that keeps customers coming back to us as their trusted financial partner. At Byblos Bank Armenia, we aim to add value by building transparent relationships with customers and providing them with personalized services.”

The Bank regularly unveils special offers and adds new initiatives to its growing array of commercial and retail banking products and services: deposits, corporate financing, mortgage and consumer lending, debit and credit cards. Customers can also benefit from services provided remotely through the Byblos Mobile app, which has recently been revamped to ensure convenient and prompt access to financial resources.

Throughout its 15 years of professionalism in the industry, the Bank has provided more than AMD 230 billion in lending to support individuals and businesses that have driven Armenia’s economy and generated jobs for local residents. Moreover, Byblos Bank Armenia has helped 2000 families across the country realize their dream of owning their home, by providing them with access to housing finance.

Prioritizing meaningful social impact, the Bank continues to invest in causes that foster healthy, thriving communities by implementing diverse CSR programs and supporting NGOs engaged in various fields. The past 15 years have seen a number of such programs, from donations to children’s health funds, cultural initiatives and charities to educational, health and sports projects.

Byblos Bank Armenia is also a reliable employer that spares no effort to improve the employees’ education, boost their motivation and create a nurturing environment for younger generations.

For 15 years, customers have been at the heart of everything the Bank does and will continue to be an integral part of decision-making for many more years to come. The Bank, meanwhile, pledges to champion responsible banking practices and take bolder steps towards new achievements.

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