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February, 2024
February 2024
Metrum invest and PROFAL signed a memorandum of understanding
15/11/2023 13:52

Metrum invest and PROFAL signed a memorandum of understanding

Arman Melkonyan, Executive Director of Metrum Invest, which has gained a great reputation in the Armenian construction scene for its innovative and unique construction solutions, and Edgar Avetisyan, General Director of PROFAL, a leading Armenian company specializing in manufacturing aluminum doors, windows, and glass constructions, signed a memorandum of understanding for an aparthotel with 360-degree views in the center of Tsaghkadzor at the construction site of the complex.

The architect of the complex is the co-founder of the architectural studio “Tarberak” Armen Hakobyan, and “Metrum Invest” brand ambassador, singer, comedian, showman and actor Aram MP3, were present at the memorandum signing ceremony.

We had long discussions about all construction projects, we tried to achieve the highest quality standards. Our structures really stand out with their architectural solutions, appearance and panoramic views. In the case of “Tsaghkadzor Park“, we decided to go further and introduced high-quality thermal insulation and soundproof stained glass windowsinto the project, avoiding external cladding as much as possible. PROFAL helped us by offering its unprecedented technological solutions,” said Arman Melkonyan, director of “Metrum Invest”.

With the memorandum, an agreement was reached to apply the experience and knowledge gained by PROFAL over the years in the premium residential and hotel complex being built in Tsaghkadzor, so that “Tsaghkadzor Park” has a more presentable appearance and provides comfortto our residents and guests.

Metrum invest and PROFAL signed a memorandum of understanding 1

High-quality soundproofing and thermal insulation features of stained glass windows are especially important. An energy-saving and tempered glass package filled with argon gas will be installed, which makes the structure more energyefficient, sun-protective and frost-resistant. As a result of the innovative approach to cladding the facades of the buildings of the complex, a network of 200*300 mm rectangular aluminum pipes will be installed, which will enrich the architectural appearance of the building.

​The next most important advantage is the clear adherence to deadlines in the construction process. A lot of effort and energy is invested in order to be able to keep the contractual obligations with the buyers. This part of Metrum Invest’s vision is becoming a reality for the benefit of those who prefer beautiful and luxurious apart-hotels.

“We are delighted to be involved in the execution of large-scale projects outside the capital Yerevan, contributing not only our extensive expertise and knowledge but also utilizing unique products made from high-quality European raw materials. The ‘Tsaghkadzor Park’ is unique for us – for the first time in Armenia, we are introducing an innovative solution instead of traditional cladding of buildings which is possible thanks to the direct collaboration between our engineering team and the foreign partners,” mentioned Edgar Avetisyan, CEO of PROFAL, following the MOU signing.

Event participants accompanied by the heads of the two companies explored the 11, 9, 7, and 5-story buildings and got acquainted with the features and capabilities of “Tsaghkadzor Park.”

Metrum invest and PROFAL signed a memorandum of understanding 2

“Tsaghkadzor Park” is a construction complex built on 10,000 square meters, 7,000 square meters of which is only green space. Construction has already reached 40%; and 35% of apartments and commercial premises have been sold. The completion of the construction is scheduled for the summer.

The complex includes everything intended for premium apart-hotels, in particular ski storage areas, electric car charging station, coworking space, conference halls, cafes (including a rooftop cafe), restaurants, spa center, swimming pool, spacious gym, children’s rooms, cleaning service, laundry, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, elevators from European manufacturers, high-class furniture and appliances, security point.

“Metrum Invest” company was founded in 2021. It has already initiated and is building about 10 premium large-scale construction projects including: Rubinyants Complex, Toon 27, Emin 6, Antara Inn, Renet, Tsakhkadzor Park, etc. The capital of the company is based on human resources and investments. Construction projects are implemented with the resources of individual and corporate investors, and the main works are delegated to the best companies in the field. From architectural design to actual construction works everythingis carried out by organizations with decades of experience in the field.

Having operated in the Armenian market for over two decades, PROFAL has established itself as a reputable manufacturer by implementing 30,000 + projects in Armenia and abroad, cooperating with over 10,000 local and international partners. Its products are exported to over seven countries, including the USA, France, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Russia, etc. The company consistently achieves higher productivity through continuous improvement and expansion initiatives. PROFAL is a workplace of more than 400 employees, growing yearly.

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